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"We Aim for Perfection and Settle on Excellence"

What differentiates us from other
prep companies?


It's one-on-one with experts

  • Our tutoring framework consists entirely of one-on-one private sessions, which allows us to provide a flexible tutoring plan based on a student’s testing strengths and weaknesses. We offer a remote learning experience, and we’re able to work with anyone regardless of location.

  •  All of our study materials come from actual, previously-administered exams so that practice is no different than the real thing. Many of our AP tutors are also College Board graders!


  • We monitor our students’ progress every step of the way, and we provide detailed weekly status reports.

  • We’re hourly-based, meaning that there are no long-term commitments.

We only work from Official Exams

  • We only work from Official Exams

    • We practice from the real thing, so when you take the real thing it's no different than practice. This goes for any subject!

    • Authenticity of our study material is key for success on the real exams.

  • SAT/ACT   ➤   Only Official Exams

  • AP's   ➤   Official AP Problems

  • General Tutoring  ➤  We work from your school curriculum; The material for your class!

We monitor your student's progress every step of the way

  • We don’t leave anything to chance. We want to know every problem the student gets wrong and why it’s wrong, so we can target these weaknesses and convert them into strengths.


  • We provide detailed status reports to the parents after every session. So as a parent you will see a notification on your phone. This is what we worked on, this is how they are performing, this is what they will be working on this week.


  • We take a lot of that pressure off of the parents and put it on us.

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About Carmel Valley Test Prep

We work smarter not harder.

We are an elite test prep company whose objective is provide world class tutoring services (SAT, ACT, AP, LSAT, and General Tutoring). We aim for perfection and settle on excellence!

We are based in San Diego, California 92130 and offer a completely immersive remote learning experience.  


We are your personal trainers for SAT / ACT prep. You are the athlete and we are your coach.

Our Tutoring Services

If you do not find a subject here, it does not mean we do not have a tutoring solution for you. 

Please contact us!



Digital SAT

AP Physics 1, 2, & C, AP Calculus AB & BC, AP US History, AP US Government, AP Computer Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English, AP Statistics

Integrated Math I, II, & III, Honors Math, Chemistry, Biology,


Languages (French, Spanish, Latin), etc.





Some of Our Tutors

Without our experts, we could not achieve quality.
Meet some of our tutors here.

Our experience with Richard was wonderful. He is a solid SAT tutor. He is young and easy for students to relate to. He is very good at what he does and always positive and motivational.  I highly recommend him.

Ray S., Thousand Oaks, CA

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