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Why choose Carmel Valley
Test Prep?

Our tutoring framework consists of entirely one-on-one private sessions.


We pinpoint the student’s weaknesses, and work around their schedule to provide a catered, flexible tutoring plan. 

Hourly Based with no commitment (i.e. pay as you go).

Why choose us


  • Hourly Based with no commitment (i.e. pay as you go).

  • One-on-one private sessions.

  • Be prepared for the PSAT - qualify for National Merit Scholarships.

  • Detailed weekly status reports.

  • Fully immersive online learning platform.

How We Work

  • We work smarter, not harder. We develop study skills your student can apply in their academic future.

  • We work from real previously administered exams. Authenticity of our study material is key for success on the real exams.

  • We don’t leave anything to chance. We want to know every problem the student gets wrong and why it’s wrong, so we can target these weaknesses and convert them to strengths.

  • We provide detailed weekly status reports to the parents.

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